'all this interested me, and so I poked about... and speculated as to its narrow alleys and its archways and houses, and its sudden alarums and excursions'

Arthur Machen


This is the website of Matthew G. Rees, author of Keyhole and other works.
Here you will find information about him, his writing and connected activities.



Short stories of the strange & uncanny with photographs by the author

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Other News

As The Meadow Ends a new short story of the uncanny by Matthew G. Rees, is to become a podcast in a season of specially-commissioned dark tales. More information here as it becomes available & also at www.facebook.com/matthewgreeswriter 

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Acclaim for Keyhole

'a superb collection'

Stephen Volk

'a tour de force'

Sally Spedding

'This is a hugely recommended collection that marks Rees out as a writer capable of spinning tales of vibrant imagination and who is unafraid to peer into strange places'  - Wyrd Britain review of Keyhole

'A gem of the uncanny. One of the best story collections I've read in ages . . . the Celtic lyricism was just right as an evocation of place and culture, and wit mingled with the chilling most effectively, casting a unique spell on this reader at least' - author and screenwriter Stephen Volk on Keyhole

'A stunning debut from a major new talent . . . superbly crafted and extraordinary tales' - AmeriCymru review of Keyhole

'His great stories are refreshingly different, he paints a startling and detailed portrait of a world slightly askew, and he knows how to cast a spell with a sentence'  -  The Short Story review of Keyhole

'One contemporary writer who I find genuinely interesting is Matthew G. Rees' - Peter Kenny in A Writer's Notebook

Matthew G. Rees by Welsh artist Gill Figg

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