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'We have no hesitation in recommending this collection to anyone with a taste for the macabre and bizarre or indeed anyone who appreciates exquisite story telling.'

'Masterly storytelling' Jon Gower

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THIS critically-acclaimed collection contains eighteen short stories with a supernatural twist set in Wales and its borderland with England.

The collection features photographs by Rees taken on his travels through Wales and the Marches.

Paperback, 269 pages, Three Impostors press. Available for worldwide delivery through the publishers or via bookshops. ISBN 978-1-78461-704-2. 

'beautifully written, hauntingly atmospheric, full of palpable dread and weirdness, but also with poignancy and humour. . . a joy to discover' - author and BAFTA-winning screenwriter Stephen Volk

IN The Tip a quarrel over a gratuity at a restaurant leads to a nightmarish chase across current-day Moscow on a bitter-cold evening that reaches a haunting climax in a cemetery filled with snow... and some of Russia's most famous names.

The story opens with the memorable line -


'The hatred the waitress had for me was as deep and succulent as the finest beefsteak...'  


This feted, surreal short story was specially selected for publication in a limited edition of 250 copies by The Short Story (TSS Publishing) and printed by Furnival Press of London (ISBN 978-0-9957849-2-5).

The tale runs to some 2,900 words over 14 pages in a paperback pocketbook measuring approximately 10.5 cm x 15 cm.


In a nod to the Russian story-teller Nikolai Gogol (writer of such tales as 'The Overcoat'), academic and author Alan Bilton called the story 'a short, Gogol-esque masterpiece'.

Note: This is the only publication of this story. It does not exist elsewhere in any collection or magazine.




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IN The Word a visit to a remote farm in Wales leads to a macabre turn in the life of a London antiques dealer.

This story has been published by independent Wales-based press Three Impostors as part of its Wentwood Tales series of stories in the tradition of Welsh writer of the supernatural Arthur Machen. However, this is not 'period writing'. As with most work by Rees, it is contemporary fiction set in the present.

It appears in a limited edition of 200 numbered copies. Twenty-eight pages, buckram cover, with front and back flaps. It is available via  Note: a version of 'The Word' appears in Keyhole.

'excellent' - award-winning writer Catherine Fisher, author of Incarceron 

'The sheer 'otherness'... is beautifully rendered' - writer Euron Griffith

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